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So. Somehow, we now have a new apartment. Only half a month before being homeless! I am a dummy! Kidding, it wouldn't have come to that. We'd have ended up sleeping in his parents basement with his other three siblings... somehow everyone in that family ends up back with mom and dad no matter how old they are. But instead, we are in the process of moving, so yay!

Due to this, I may or may not end up internet-less. I should be able to keep posting the stories on schedule (and, thanks to premium membership, I am scheduling a few updates in advance) but if I miss a day, don't worry, I should still be fine. Lol. 

I'll still respond to comments and all that. I don't really use my computer for anything but actually posting the deviations. Tablet and phone for the rest. 

And, story wraps up this week ~ Anyone have any suspicions what's gonna happen? :eyes:

See you all on the other side!

Also, these exist now:… - I actually kinda prefer the style the stories are posted here, so I'm gonna put all my stuff here eventually, along with dA



dA Fractalist Stampie by DWALKER1047

nightmares06_stamp by Fiery-FirePrize Stamp for Nightmares06 by marthig

First 10 people to comment will have my favorite five pieces of art from their gallery featured. (Or maybe six or seven, depending on whether or not I can manage to thin it down that far...) The only catch is that if you comment, you are expected to make a journal like this yourself, putting me in the first slot.
This is a fun way to spread great art around, so let's get started! I only feature one artist each journal, but I will get to anyone who comments! It just may take a few weeks if you're a later commentor.

Person I got this from: Phoenix-FireMage - there are some great stories over there!


Tiny Intruders Part 1   Mike knew there was something living in the house with his family. And not just mice or rats, either; whatever it was, it was far too clever to mere rodents. Then, one day, he saw them.
   He was sitting at his desk doing his homework when he saw a flicker of movement out of the corner of his eye. Casually, being careful not to look towards the movement, he reached over and picked up the now-empty plastic cup the trail mix he’d been snacking on had been in. Then he quickly clapped it down over the intruders, trapping them.
   Mike finally allowed himself to look, and he gasped in surprise. Standing beneath the cup, staring back at him through the clear plastic and looking just as surprised as he was, were two tiny men, no more than an inch high.
   Mike blinked, and the staring contest ended abruptly. One of his captives sank to the ‘floor’ (the desk, really) and buried his head in his hands. The other began to bang on
    The Rattan: part oneI stood in front of the mirror in my bedroom, closed my eyes, and pushed with my mind. The familiar tingling sensation spread through me, starting at my very core and ending at the tips of my fingers and toes. When it ended, I opened my eyes and examined my changed reflection. Gazing back out at me was a slightly scrawny teenager with a bucktoothed grin that never failed to remind me of some sort of rodent. I reached up to touch the newly pointed ears sticking out of my light brown hair. Hair that had been dirty blond moments before. My eyes were unchanged, the same chocolate brown they had always been. I glanced over my shoulder to see a tail attached to my hindquarters. It was pink and hairless except for a tuft of fur at the tip, which was the same color as the hair on my head. I twitched it, to make sure it was working properly. It was.
“I am Perdido, Rattan!” I announced to the empty room. Then I dashed into a mouse hole in the baseboard.
I didn’t g
    Little TroublemakersNick and his gang were always getting into trouble. That was an accepted part of life, as natural as gravity or hiding from the humans. On the night of this story, they had decided to do something particularly daring and stupid. They had decided to get a closer look at the human boy, Zach. A much closer look. After they were certain he had fallen asleep, the five young Rattan snuck into his room and clambered up the sheets onto his bed.
“Are you sure this is quite safe?” asked Rico, the youngest and most timid member of the gang.
“Course it’s safe,” said Nick. “He’s a deep sleeper; he won’t wake up.”
Slowly, they walked up his chest, their feet sinking into the soft blanket. Finally, they reached his face. “Wow,” breathed Louis, Nick’s second in command. “He sure looks different up close.”
Just then, Zach rolled onto his side, sending the small intruders tumbling down next to him. They all let out varie

Thumb-sized by Phoenix-FireMage          A Friend in a Strange World Chapter 1The giant guards standing near the podium waited as the humans approached, toting their prisoner for the exchange in a bared cage. He would be the expendable one that would be like, to the giant prince, who had no others his age to really be with. It was a good exchange...better than just killing the sentenced human. Hopefully it would work out well.
Inside of the cage, Cyril sat despondently, not paying much attention to his passing surroundings. He tried to hope that living with this prince would be better than having his head cut off, but he just couldn't convince himself.
One of the guards shot him a brief, pitying glance as one of the giants knelt down. The human guard turned and unlocked the cage, beckoning for Cyril to cooperate and go peacefully. He didn't need to get the cuffs- Cyril no longer had a choice. If he knew what was smart, he wouldn't try and run with the giant guards around.
Silently, Cyril stood, stepping out of the cage. Briefly, he paused and clasped ha
    A Wizard's Touch Chapter I*ding-dong!*
Carden looked up. "Who's at the door?" he asked, snapping his fingers. A shimmery, slightly green tinted image of his friends Amy and Mike appeared. Carden nodded. "Let them in."
The front door opened all by itself. "Um, does this mean that we can come in?" Amy asked.
"I think so," Mike replied, but nevertheless he called, "Carden? Can we come in?"
"Yeah, go ahead," Carden replied. "I'm in the kitchen."
Mike nodded at Amy and stepped over the threshold. She followed. As soon as they were both inside, the door closed behind them. Amy jumped slightly. "I am never gonna get used to that," she muttered. They found Carden sitting at the kitchen table staring pensively at what appeared to be either a G.I. Joe or a Ken doll.
"Hey, what's this?" Mike asked, picking it up.
"Mike, be careful!" Carden cried.
"Yeah, Mike," said Amy. "Knowing Carden, it's probably magical or something."
Mike looked incredulously at the doll. "Is it?" he asked.
Carden nodded. "Yeah," he sa
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I am a fractalist, who loves to use Apophysis in all its varieties. I also write a little on the side (very little).

Good name for a girl in her twenties? She's pretty much going to be a borrower. 

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